This agreement is entered between the me/user of the website/buyer of the product


GPS Infoway Pvt. Ltd herein called / referred to (“” or “Website” )on today “the date of the use and accepted the agreement’s terms and conditions

Whereas the user has visited the website to search and buy the product required; the user has short listed and approved the products after going through the details of the products, such as the specifications, color, strength, fabric, price, including other specifications that is mentioned on the product, and after going through the details and specifications of the products, the user decided to buy the product(s) with full knowledge that he require the same and is going to make the payment for the same;

And Whereas, the website has placed the products on the portal for the sell of the product either on their own or through their registered vendors “the website has separate agreement with the vendor for the same” and the products, which are been displayed are for brief descriptions and the website reserves right to alter the same as per the availability of the product in the market; or may remove the same in case of the unavailability of the same as the case may be; in such case and in a situation that the user is not been provided any product sought or purchased and due to any reason is falling short, the payment made by the user shall be refunded back in to his account within 21 days of the payment made to us;

It is agreed by the user that the user abide the terms of use of the site as been mentioned in the documents column and the user has gone through the terms and conditions of the same and agreed to the same; the user has also agreed that the product once sold shall not be returned and the payment shall not be refunded in any case except the condition that is been mentioned In the return policy which is also an integral part of the present agreement;

It is agreed that the user, by making a payment through any mode of payment will ensure that he is making a payment by a legitimate mode and with his own credit card or account as the case may be, and if in any case, the user uses any unfair means, indulge in to any fraud or mis-representation and uses any stolen card or uses any other cards fraudulently, he shall be liable to the prosecution as per the provision of the law of the land; the website shall not be responsible for any fraud or misrepresentation by the user;

It is further agreed by the user that he/she shall pay the amount required for the purchased by them on receiving the product at their place of the delivery has been sought by them at the time of placing the order online in case of the cash on delivery, it is further been agreed by the user that in case of any dispute with regard to the condition of the product, or they find any discrepancy in the order they placed or the order they received, they have to raise the dispute with the company at within 24 hours of the receiving the product, failing which it is deemed that the product is delivered as per the specification the user ordered the same and the user has no query with regard to the product;

It is further been agreed by the user that all the warranty or guaranty as the case may be, shall be provided by the parent company of the product, the website or the vendor/associate of the website shall have no liability whatsoever with regard to the warranty or guaranty of the product; the vendor of the website is a medium to provide the product what the user required and it is the duty of the user to make them satisfied with regard to the warranty or guaranty of the product before making any purchase, the liability of the vendor is limited to providing the genuine product along with the invoice to the customer and not liable for any guaranty or warranty of any kind.

It is further agreed by the user that they accept the terms and conditions of this agreement by checking this check box and making the payment.

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