The products which are been offered on the website are covered with payment protection and covered under company warranty which the parent company offers; the buyer is required to check the warranty of the product they are intent to buy before making any payment; the exchange of the product is limited only when the product which is been delivered are not of the specification been ordered and purchased, or damaged during the transit, or not working at the time of the delivery, the condition of the exchange and return are as under:

1.      That the product shall be exchanged only when:
a.    The product is not of the specification which is been purchased by the buyer, in its colour, functioning;
b.    The product is damaged when the same is been delivered to the customer;
c.    The product is not working when the same is been delivered to the customer;
d.    The product is been delivered after the tentative time been offered to the customer.

In all the condition, the buyer is covered under price protection and if anything happens the product of the buyer shall be changed and if the buyer choose to refund of the payment; the buyer shall receive the payment. It is the duty of the buyer to intimate us immediately about the same to get the process done immediately.

2.        The product bought shall not be returned or exchanged when :-
a.   The product which is been bought by the buyer is the same which is been chosen by the buyer at the                        time of booking of the same on the website;
b.   The product is been delivered to the buyer on it good condition and the same is working at the time of                      its delivery;
c.   The product is been used by the buyer and thereafter intends to change the same.

All the products sold on the website are covered under the warranty by the parent company and the website or the merchant who sold the product are not liable for any warranty issue from the parent company; the seller is constrained to sell the original and genuine product to the buyer providing the bill /invoice and the other waranty documents and all the warranty issue shall be dealt by the buyer with the parent company and the seller is liable to provide the support with regard to the sell of the same as and when required by furnishing the proof of the same.
Moreover, our team  in support of the seller has created the support forum at to facilitate the support with regard to the support for the products and services.

If you wish to cancel you booking or purchase of the order any time before the product is dispatched, you may do so and your paid amount shall be refunded in total. And all refund requested shall be honored and the payment shall be made to the buyer within 30 days of the payment by us in any event of the return of the order.

The store is under maintenance! no order shall be fulfilled. Will be available soon!