The Web store runs on the demand and interest of the public, and the visit of the person and interest of the person hitting the products provides the company the information with regard to the personalized choice of individual including the interest of the person with regard to the product segment as well, which further support the company to change and modify the look, feel and collection of the product range of the store; moreover, the company uses the information of the customers in providing the delivery of the products, improving functionalities of the store, providing better services to the customers, so to improve the usability of the web store which further provide support in improvement of the system and logistics as well to further provide better service to the customer.

–           We receive information you enter on our site to provide better services to you many ways including the easy excess to your address so you need not to fill your details time and again, your interest in product range, your wish list so to cater you in more efficient ways; you may choose not to provide certain information, but that would be resulting in no providing you with the products offers and features in certain cases. The site uses certain cookies to get advertisement on the sites you uses to have quick access to the store

–            We get your personal details including Email account to use further providing you daily store offers and promotions time to time, you further are free not to opt for the promotions if you wish too, resulting you not been able to get information about offers and services on daily routine. By visiting and continuing the use of our site you agree to use the same on the terms that envisaged in the privacy policy that the information may be used by the company as per the policy amended time to time for benefit of the customers, you also agree to and consent to us to collect, store and process and share certain information for the purpose set out in the privacy policy. Further the information may also be used for purpose of verification of identity or prosecution of any offence by the government agencies and the department wherever the government agency may deem fit and proper for the better implementation of law and order or otherwise if the same required to share with the department.

Cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, Internet cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information (such as items in a shopping cart) or to record the user’s browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited by the user as far back as months or years ago).

Although cookies cannot carry viruses, and cannot install malware on the host computer tracking cookies and especially third-party tracking cookies are commonly used as ways to compile long-term records of individuals’ browsing histories. When a user accesses a website with a cookie function for the first time, a cookie is sent from server to the browser and stored with the browser in the local computer. Later when that user goes back to the same website, the website will recognize the user because of the stored cookie with the user’s information, that facilitate the website to provide you with the best possible information on your track of use of the site in the past.

User is always have a liberty to change the use of the cookies as per their needs and prevent the browser accepting the cookies or disabling the same as well, however the cookies serves great purpose to let you know what the website is offering to them so it is advisable to not to block them and leave them on, blocking shall effect the nonfunctioning of the shopping card, and checkout for the selected services and products that are selected as well. And it is advisable to sign off from the session when you leave the site and quit for the session

The company does not share the data base of its customers in any case strictly, as the customers are the primary concern for the company until it is so required for the benefit of its customers or in special case when the state function requires to do so for the sole purpose of the national interest; the sharing with the co brands or the merchandises which uses our platform to interact with the customers are strict control of the company and the company makes sure not to add up any merchandise that would manipulate with the information of the customers.

The cookies are also been used for the processing of the orders with the third party service providers that include the delivering of the package, e-mail promotions, on behalf of the company, the routing the payment through the payment gateway, in processing the credit card/debit card processing to provide services to the customers required them to use the same in their processing but the same is been done by them under our privacy policy and under strict prosecution of the law of the land.

Our site uses the transmission of your information and login session over the secure sockets layer platform which process the information in encrypt format for providing the browsing more secure and sturdy providing the security to your details and information as per the Information Security Management System-Requirements.

During the search or the booking of the product, if you choose to purchase / opt the product that is been placed for sale by the third party and are not been sold solely by us / eazyshopping, you conform to share your information with regard to the shipping address, number which is been used to contact the customer and the information regarding to the process of the delivery so the product be delivered; we, here at eazyshopping do not share any information that is not necessary to process your request to any third party site or provider without your consent.

We at the eazyshopping, do take care all the security for our customers and even then if you found any discrepancy and you feel that your privacy is been breached and you are no longer to share your information, or any information has been shared with some third party, you may contact with your concern with our contact desk with specific concern and that shall be dealt with effectively in not time, at; further we strive to provide you the best of the services available in market, and doing so we maintain our system to upgrade as per the requirement of the customer and the market and we change the privacy policy time to time for smooth functioning of the website and the benefit of the customer, usually the information with regard to the change of the conditions or the privacy is been transferred to the customer if they wish to and demand so, but if you are nowhere interested to know about the offers or the change of the privacy, you may do so changing your terms of use through your help panel of the browser you uses and block certain third party cookies, but doing so shall result in your not been able to see or use certain feature of the website and process, we recommended to not to block the third party cookies of the site for smooth functioning of the site.

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