The site provide two type of registration for the public, wiz. The buyer registration and seller registration:

We, at the EazyShopping have established the portal for the easy access for the user to find the product available in the market, “the local market” to which there is little or no availability so to minimizing the gap of the user and the manufacture / wholesaler to its minimum.
The user may register at the portal “website” creating an account by providing some details so the website know the user and serve accordingly; the process of registration contains the filling of the simple from and punching Mail I.D of the user.
The user account of the user is used to book the product and services from the website and for processing the payment with the payment gateway, and further to serve purpose to deliver the product to the end consumer/the user time to time, for delivery and for tracking the product delivered.
The account created by the user is also used for the website to recognize the real user and the account holder who have booked the product and further to request for any discrepancy or any service in the return or the refund or the cancellation of the product booked.
The information provided by the user during the registration process require to furnish for any account related queries from the user and are very crucial and sensitive for the relation of the user and the website and the same are not exchangeable;
During any communication with the website the website recognizes the user/account holder through the account.

The second registration on the website is for the seller/vendor who intend to sell their products or services to the end user; the user of the site may convert to become a seller to the site, by providing some details to the site;
The user who intends to become the seller / vendor need to furnish some details about the company and the commodities intend to sell by filling up a form at the website;
The information which are been provided by the user for the registration to become a vendor shall be screened by the concerned department of the company and after submitting some documents to the company/website, the user may become the vendor/seller and may have access to some space at the site to promote or sell their products.
After becoming the vendor/seller of the site, the vendor/seller would be provided with the vendor panel to control the shop panel for uploading, and selling the product on the website; the products uploaded by the seller are first be screened by the company and after going through the contents the same are allowed to be published on the net; any misleading information or any contents that are in contravention to the law of the land shall not be allowed to be uploaded by the seller to the website and the same shall be banned accordingly.

The store is under maintenance! no order shall be fulfilled. Will be available soon!