The present website is the thought product of few intellectuals consisting some engineers, charted accounts, company secretary, legal professional and other core member of the market, and deals in encounters in day to day intricacies of the process;
During the course of the life, all of them came to one combined though to provide one market place where the gap of the whole seller and the end user would be minimum so the consumer and the whole seller both would be benefited to the maximum;
The sole purpose of creating this market place is to get the best output from the transparent relationship of the consumer and the provider; the idea behind this venture is to create such a marketplace wherein the website would cover and generate such a data base for the consumers to connect to the local vendor directly without any website administer or any gateway to facilitate the payment or the services;
In continuation to the effort, the team has generated this platform; and if there is some issue with regard to the payment and process, the same shall be taken care of by us.
We are further committed to 100% purchase protection with the guarantee to provide the original company products to the consumers covered by the company warranty, with a reliable and efficient product process and delivery.
Our aim is to provide transparent market place to the Indian consumer and the merchant to come together to a platform to get maximum benefit together.
The core services of the company and the products consists Electronic Items, House Hold Items, Grocery, Footwear, Telecommunication, Computers and Peripheral, Fashion and You, Electrical Produces, Health and Fitness, Baby Care Products, Auto-mobiles and its Accessories, Stationary, Language and Bags, Kitchen Appliances, Sports and Accessories, Fashion Jewellery, Mobiles and Accessories, Toys and Games, Cosmetics and Beauty Care Products, Hardware Products and so on, whatever one may think of buying and on the other hand the merchant may think of sell to the customer for his daily need.
Now the company have started building its relationship with merchants and soon the website would be offering almost everything of need for a consumer at their doorsteps and without any hassle, our concentration is more on the in-house products that our Nation Build in local Places and villages who are not able to provide their products to the market, our sole aim is to build a chain of communication and link between the producer and the user.

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